Sale and purchase of real estate in Spain

Assistance in obtaining mortgages

If necessary, we help in registration of a mortgage in a Spanish Bank:

analyzing the situation of the borrower choose the Bank with the best for the specific case lending program, prepare documents to obtain a mortgage decision.

Our skilled professionals in real estate able to solve the following tasks:

  • To choose the number of facilities that will meet the needs of the buyer for the price, size, area of the city, the degree of improvement, and other parameters;
  • To offer the most beneficial and convenient mortgage programs from banks and help to choose the appropriate option;
  • To collect the necessary documents, arrange them properly and submit to the selected financial institution;
  • To take on the issues of insurance, mortgage and prepare a separate package of securities for the insurance company;
  • To inspect the acquired property for the absence of various kinds of encumbrances, including additional owners and arrests;
  • To accompany a transaction until the settlement of the client in the purchased property.




Price list of our services

Initial consultation on mortgages and the market of banking services.


Analysis of the situation of the borrower, the Bank selection and the best loan program, support for the preparation of package of documents for obtaining a mortgage decision.

on request*


* For more information on pricing You can check by phone +34-630-825-796 or email:





!! For customers purchasing a property through our Agency services :

  • Opening a Bank account,
  • The procedure,
  • Services of a personal interpreter.

​                                                                         Are for FREE .!!







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