Sale and purchase of real estate in Spain

Purchase and sale, registration of contracts

When the decision is made to purchase real estate signed a preliminary contract of sale (arras), which specifies requisite of the parties, the property - subject of the contract, recorded the total cost, taxes, terms and method of payment. Upon signing, the buyer pays 10% of the value of the property. If the seller refuses the deal, he pays this amount to double. In the event of the buyer is not refundable. Ostavshuyusya part of the cost paid at the time of signing the final contract at the notary, Bank cheque or documented Bank transfer. The contract of purchase and sale Escritura Publica - public legal document, certified by a notary certifying the right of ownership of the property. The process of registration of the contract in the property register Spain takes about a month.

!! For customers who buy property through our Agency services :

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